About University of Sydney Journal of TESOL

University of Sydney Journal of TESOL is a peer-reviewed, online journal with open access. Like its forerunner, University of Sydney Papers in TESOL, it is published by the TESOL Research Collaboration in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney, Australia.

This renewed journal is dedicated to providing a space for both scholars and practitioners to share theory, research and practice in TESOL and TESOL-related areas. We aim to foster a community in which the voices of scholars, postgraduate students, teacher trainers, teachers, and other practitioners can be heard.

The journal accepts for submission the following types of contributions:

  • reporting of original research
  • discussions (for example, literature reviews about theory or methodology, critical discussions, presentation of new ideas about theory or methodology)
  • teaching practice (for example, innovative teaching or teacher training ideas and experiences)
  • interviews with experts (for example, scholars or teaching professionals)
  • book reviews.

The journal provides a space where ideas, findings and practices can be shared in creative ways. Contributions in any of the above categories are welcomed in traditional text form, multimodal forms such as videos, digital stories, zines, or a combination of traditional and multimodal forms, for example, a text that includes a video or a PowerPoint presentation.

The journal welcomes contributions from a wide range of TESOL and TESOL-related areas. To give some examples:

  • bilingualism/bilingual education
  • classroom practices
  • discourse/pragmatics
  • English for specific purposes
  • intercultural communication
  • language testing and assessment
  • language policy and planning
  • online teaching and learning
  • second-language acquisition
  • teacher training.


Adam Steinhoff, Co-editor

Email: adam.steinhoff@sydney.edu.au

Judy Fernandez, Co-editor

Email: christina.judy@sydney.edu.au

Associate Editors

Marie Stevenson, Associate Editor
Email: marie.stevenson@sydney.edu.au

Aek Phakiti, Associate Editor
Email: aek.phakiti@sydney.edu.au